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4 Excellent Reasons for Hiring Lexington Relocation Services

The word ‘relocation’ often brings to mind thoughts of new beginnings and starting over; however it’s also synonymous with stress. Rather than increasing your anxiety level by staying in a hotel, choose the relocation company that has provided comfortable in-between homes for clients since 1997, Lexington Relocation Services.

They proudly help those new to the Lexington, KY, area obtain the temporary housing they need to make transitioning from one location to another as seamless and stress-free as possible. Check out some of the reasons to hire Lexington Relocation Services today:

  • lexington-relocation-servicesWide Selection: The premier relocation service offers an exceptional range of in-between homes, including corporate housing, furnished apartments for rent, and executive housing. Corporate apartments include distinct living, sleeping, and dining areas, as well as full kitchens and laundry facilities. Units featuring one, two, or three bedrooms are also available.
  • Flexible Locations: All apartments provided by Lexington Relocation Services are located in safe, upscale communities. Corporate housing and other in-between homes are available in a plethora of different locations so you may find an option close to work or your children’s new school.


  • Range Of Payment Options: This outstanding relocation company is happy to offer a number of payment options via flexible billing software. The software makes it possible to customize your billing requirements for optimal convenience. Options include billing you directly, the company you work for, or the company credit card.
  • Apartment Community Amenities: Each apartment community utilized by the Lexington relocation company includes swimming pools, fitness centers, and business centers. Bed types are also matched to family needs with TempurPedic bed upgrades available for extended stays.

Discuss your relocation with the company dedicated to providing the high-quality lodging those in transition need to thrive. The relocation service is the only local-operated temporary housing company in Lexington, and also the city’s largest provider of corporate apartments. For more on corporate housing and other in-between homes available through Lexington Relocation Services, please call (859) 273-3303.