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Corporate Housing vs. Extended Stay Hotels Comparison

Traveling for business?

Why stay in a Hotel?

If you’re traveling for business for more than a few nights, in-between homes, remodeling an existing one, or temporarily displaced from your home due to damage or loss, you need a quality, affordable temporary housing solution. Lexington Relocation offers short-term, lease-free furnished apartment rentals in communities throughout Lexington, Kentucky. They are amenity-rich and family friendly, and they offer safe, quality housing.  Another option for those in need of immediate, short-term housing may be extended stay hotels or hotels that offer extended stays. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of local extended stay options compared to our corporate housing solutions.

Lexington Relocation Solutions:

Amenities:  Lexington Relocation carefully selects communities in the Lexington KY area that offer its guests and temporary residents a wide selection of amenities including swimming pools, fitness centers, and business centers on-site. Other amenities may include pet grooming stations, parks, tennis courts, playgrounds for the kids, dog parks, community activities and events, and usage of the clubhouse to host friends.

  • Comparison: Extended stay hotels offer a indoor hotel pool, limited fitness room, and some offer a free continental breakfast with breakfast bars, muffins, and coffee serviced in a hotel lobby.

Rental Community in Lexington KY

Flexible Locations:  We currently have short-term, lease-free furnished apartment rentals in 12 communities in Lexington, KY, and surrounding cities. These include Beaumont Farms, Brighton 3050, Forty 57 at Glasford, The Fountains at Andover, LC Hamburg Farms, Park Place, The Racquet Club, The Resort at Lake Crossing, Retreat at Hamburg Place, Riverford Crossing, rm Lexington, and Wyndamere.  These communities are dispersed and conveniently located throughout the 285 square miles that make up Lexington KY. We have communities near University of Kentucky, Bluegrass Airport, Keeneland, Kentucky Horse Park, Hamburg Pavilion, Fayette Mall, downtown Lexington, and local area industry and horse farms. We can arrange your stay at our corporate housing so that you are close to where you and your family work, attend school, or play. Let our staff know the school district your children are or will be enrolled in so we can match your needs to our list of communities.  [See map of our locations.]

  • Comparison:  There are five extended stay hotels in southern Lexington KY. Each provide one stationary location at various price ranges, but none of these are close to downtown Lexington, University of Kentucky, or the airport.

Home-Like Apartment

“Home-Like” Apartments:  Why stay in a hotel when you can feel more at home and comfortable in a fully-furnished and fully-equipped apartment or townhome? Our short-term corporate apartments are more spacious than a hotel room. They include separate living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms that offer privacy and easier family living. Anyone that has stayed in a hotel understands the frustration that even one or two nights provide with limited space, limited privacy, and sharing a small common area with your family. Coming and going can even cause stress while waiting for and sharing elevators, dealing with limited parking, and encountering fellow guests in the hotel lobby, hallways, and public areas.

Fully equipped Kitchen

Our fully-equipped kitchens and dining room sets make it easier to prepare and enjoy home-made, healthy, and affordable meals together as a family. If you or your children have dietary restrictions, you have the ability to select quality and organic ingredients at local area groceries and farmers markets (Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Good Foods Coop, Fresh Thyme Market, and Downtown Lexington Farmers Market). You can prepare your family’s meals in your designated fully-equipped kitchen and ensure your family is eating healthy meals during your temporary stay. A washer and dryer is also provided in each of our corporate housing apartments, so family chores are more convenient, more affordable, and less time-consuming.

  • Comparison: Extended stay hotels offer a small kitchenette with substandard, economy appliances that do not look or feel like home, but feel more like a hotel. Their small kitchen areas are often located in the same room that you live, sleep, and get ready for your day. With no separation of the rooms, your family will lack privacy as well as the space and organization needed to maintain your normal routine. Extended stay hotels provide on-site guest laundry facilities located either on the main floor or the basement of the hotel. You will have to leave your living area and likely be away from your housing until the laundry is completed.

Flexible Bedroom Options:  If you are traveling alone or with family, we have one, two, or three bedroom options from which to choose.  Each bedroom has a walk-in closet attached to each bedroom. An additional bathroom is included with two and three bedroom apartments. We will also make sure the bed types (king, queen, twin) match your family’s needs. We are proud to provide Tempur-Pedic® mattress upgrades (for an additional charge) for extended stays. Even if you are traveling alone for business, the two bedroom option can be configured to provide a bedroom and office location if you need to work from your apartment during or after business hours, so you can preserve your living and dining room areas.

  • Comparison:  Most extended stay hotels offer several room layouts with a King, Queen or Double Double bed layout but all of which are located in one room with no room separation and only one bathroom.  This lack of bedroom options does not make for a fun, relaxing, or comfortable stay for you or your family, even if your stay is short term.

Additional Services:  Lexington Relocation offers in-house cleaning services and an in-house linen laundry facility where you can have fresh linens delivered to you on the day of your scheduled cleaning. Feel free to request extra linens and towels. Every apartment is turned around after a guest leaves with our 50-point inspection checklist before it can be available to rent again. This extra attention to detail regarding guest service is the reason we’ve managed to become the leading provider of upscale corporate temporary housing. We provide a second flat-screen television in our two and three bedroom corporate apartments, as well as dual DVD/CD players.  Our staff also offers assistance to you and your family before and during your stay for local area information including shopping, school districts, things to do, and a calendar of events.  We work hard on our website and social media channels to keep our guests informed of local area events, attractions, and festivals.  See our comprehensive list of local school districts, things to do and general information about the Horse Capital of the World.

  • Comparison:  Hotels provide cleaning services before and after your stay.  Fresh linens are may be provided upon request during your stay.  However, they often do not provide regular cleaning during your stay, unless you pay an additional fee.  Some do not offer daily or weekly cleaning at all, so call ahead to make sure it is available.

Affordability:  As opposed to a stay in a hotel, our home-like lodging accommodations provide the benefits of a luxury hotel at a fraction of the costs.  When you do a side-by-side local hotel comparison to our short-term lease-free corporate housing, you can see we not only provide the most comfortable solution but also the most affordable one.  We also offer flexible billing options where you can pay directly, we can bill your employer, or we can charge a company credit card. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).

  • Comparison:  Local area extended stay hotels or motels are currently $125 to $175 per night for a three or four star rating.  For a 2-star rated local extended stay hotel, the rates are lower, averaging $60-70 per night.  You need to ask yourself, though, is that savings worth the substandard levels in location, quality, service, and convenience of its competitors?

Feel free to call our staff at Lexington Relocation (859.273.3303) or fill out or Temporary Housing Request form for a free estimate and more information about our services.