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Staying healthy and focused can be a challenge for busy professionals and their families while relocating. Finding the time to plan, shop, and cook meals while still trying to acclimate to a new location can be hectic and frustrating. Any help in keeping yourself and your family healthy and well nourished is a welcome relief.  This is why we’ve teamed up with Lexington local and owner of A Healthy Passion, Kate Horning.

At Lexington Relocation, clients will now have the opportunity to sign up for a service that provides tools to make mealtime easier – whether you prefer to cook a meal or you simply don’t have the time to do any cooking in general.

What’s A Healthy Passion?

From planning to shopping to cooking, A Healthy Passion provides you with what you need to maintain a well-rounded diet for yourself and your family during a relocation or transition.  Each client is provided access to an AI Healthy Living Personal Assistant, Sarah, that will create custom personalized meal plans designed around your dietary and lifestyle choices (such as paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free etc), nutritional or macro needs, and avoid any food allergies you may have.

Shopping for your meal plan is made easy via a convenient shopping list accessible from your phone or with delivery in as little as an hour from their partner Instacart. Sarah can also provide cooking tips and reminders, as well as help you discover new meals to try by recommending recipes that meet your healthy lifestyle needs.  You can add these recipes to your personal cookbook, mark your favorites, and share notes with your friends and family. Finally, if you are too busy to cook, A Healthy Passion’s chefs will prepare meals for you that can be delivered directly to your doorstep – whether in your in-between home with Lexington Relocation or in your new forever home.

Whether you’re a client looking for meal planning or chef-prepared meal services, A Healthy Passion and Lexington Relocation Services have now made maintaining a healthy lifestyle an easy thing during a transitional phase. To learn more about how to utilize this service, contact Lexington Relocation today or visit A Healthy Passion!

Know What to Eat and When to Eat It.

Don’t let your lifestyle get boring. Discover new recipes and become inspired.

Custom + Personalized

Each week your AI healthy living personal assistant, Sarah, will send you a custom, personalized, meal plan that focuses on your individual healthy lifestyle. Sarah recommends recipes that match your dietary preferences, makes sure they match your macros for the day and weeds out any food allergies.

A Healthy Passion

Your Own Cookbook

With over 700+ recipes, and growing, influenced by cuisines from around the world and specially designed to be cooked at home you can build your own cookbook that matches your healthy lifestyle, fitness and macro needs. A cookbook made just for you!

Delivery within 1 Hour

Discover new recipes and then have your groceries delivered to you within 1 hour via our partners at Instacart. Prefer to shop yourself? You can shop at your favorite grocery store with an easy to access shopping list on your phone.


Too Busy To Cook?

Our Healthy Living Chefs will cook for you and deliver to your door each week.

No membership or subscription is required for chef-prepared meals. However members get discounts and FREE delivery