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There is so much to do and explore in the Horse Capital of the World, from sophisticated cuisine, to quaint Southern Charm, eclectic boutiques, quirky arts scene, live music every night of the week, equestrian events and memorabilia, walking and biking trails, public gardens, arts & theatre … Lexington KY is a destination that will delight and intrigue you.

Locals know it…Lexington is a vibrant city with Southern charm and hospitality. We honor our heritage of horses, bourbon and history. Traditonal? Maybe. But boring? Never!  Here are some local calendars and informational links to get you started on the many happenings all over the Bluegrass:

Please let us know if you need additional helpful information or recommendations when staying in Lexington.  We encourage you to call our office (859.273.3303) if you have any questions regarding upcoming events in Lexington.